Words from our CEO

ADMIS Consultancy was found as a solution for a gap in the change management industry, where extensive experience is dedicated toward processes management and personel training—however lacking the fundamental reason for human motivation, which is – WHY or our believes, values and purpose in life.

Change, Psychology, and Altruism are not only
core ADMIS values, but my own motto in life

As Heraclitus said, “only change itself is the only constant in our lives”, and as I like to say: “as long as we are not running groups of robots, psychology will always remain the primary tool for success”.

My career managing financial, government, and transformation programmes gave me tools and insightful experience into CHANGE. My education, research studies and observations gave me methodologies to PSYCHOLOGICAL approaches. But it was a life experience and volunteering that taught me the underlying power of ALTRUISM in the individual, group and even social motivation and positive bias. Therefore the humanitarian cause remains my primary motivator to strive for perfection and delivery of the next significant socially responsible change.
I do fit it in a corporate environment, and I do get things done, I just do it differently, with my golden shoes on and psychology research in my bag, but most importantly, with a dream for a better tomorrow.
Change Expert
CEO and founder of ADMIS Consultancy