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We inspire

We are change experts advising Global organisations and government bodies on large-scale strategy development. 

We utilise a variety of organisational and social psychology methodologies and put altruistic objectives in the center of socially responsible change. 

ADMIS code

ADMIS stands for Altruistic Development Model in Society

Solutions for socially responsible change

Strategy development

Using ADMIS Change Management Framework, we thoroughly evaluate your current situation using our assessment processes designed specifically for large-scale organisations.

We identify strategic goals orientated towards your future aspiration while carefully positioning altruistic objectives towards strategy development that will promote a shift in the social perception of an organisation and the change it leads. 

Foresight Session and Panel mediation

We are leading foresight sessions and strategy discussions to gather expert insights on the acquired topic. We design global summit keynote speakers list and providing a Global network in the fields of politics, diplomacy, business and trade, regulatory and compliance, geopolitical relations, digitalisation, strategy consultancy and NGO leaders.




We mentor executives in the global organisations and political arena on the topics of leadership, negotiation, group management psychology and emotional intelligence. We support during a long-term political campaign to build trust and social acceptance among your constituents.





Altruism an inspiration for change

While psychology and change strategy drives our approach, altruistic objectives constitute our core purpose. Therefore we promote an altruistiic approach towards strategy development that will not only inspire internal cultural change but also encourage a shift ini the social perception towards an organisation and the change it leads. 

Get to know us better

Baltic Sea Region Strategy Recomendations

Report analyses changes to the political landscape due to COVID-19 and Brexit, as well as the EU Green Deal and digitalisation processes, and what effects these developments are likely to have on regional economies.

Covid-19 Global impact Recommendation report

The research study and Government Strategy Recommendations Report for parliamentary reform management during the pandemic were initiated by BRIC Countries Council and Community of Latin American and the Carebian States.

The african continent 2040 strategy

The strategy was developed utilising ADMIS intergovernmental framework to promote in-country sovereignty and African Union prosperity. Presented at the global political summit and distributed to 46 country parliaments. 

A raising start

ADMIS Intergovernmental Change Management
Framework enhanced with occupational and social psychology tools was named “A rising star of 2019” Brummell’s Magazine, London UK.